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OneWorld PD

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All-In-One world adapter with USB-C & 3 USB charger

● 10A earthed AC universal outlet

● USB C PD charging port with QC 3.0

● 3 x Smart USB charging ports

● Works in over 150 countries

● Charge up to 5 devices simultaneously

● BS8546 certified

What they had to say...

"...the safest travel adapters you can buy."

“This is gadgetry at its very best.”

"The Most Powerful Travel Adapter Out There..."

"...the perfect solution."

"...impressively versatile."

"Travel adapter puts unique twist on universal charging"

"...all-in-one travel adapter for your MacBook charger."

"It's great for guys who travel a lot." - Ryan Seacrest

"...relentless drive to make your gadget-charging life less stressful."

"A big step closer to my perfect adapter."

"Best adapter for international destinations."

Packing Essentials

"...this is the perfect device to power you through any situation."

"Best USB-C PD travel adapter"

"..charge faster and easier with the OneWorld Adapter."

"Best compact travel USB-C PD 65W charger and adapter."

"...the Only Travel Adapter You Need to Bring."


OneWorld PD

The world's safest travel adapter. BS8546 compliance with over current, over temperature and auto reset fuse protection.

Charge and power up to 5 devices simultaneously with the 10a universal AC outlet, 30W USB-C PD and 3 USB-A smart charging ports in over 200 countries worldwide.

universal compatible

Works in over 200+ countries. Keep you powered and charged up no matter where you are.

safety first

Fully Grounded. BS8546 Certified.

OneWolrd PD complies to the BS8546 standard offering Best-In-Class safety protection.

Handles up to 10a continuous AC consumption, thanks to the fully grounded protection. With over current, over temperature and auto reset fuse.

over current protection

worldwide compatible

Works In Over 200 Countries

No matter where your are heading next, the OneWorld PD got you covered.

Smart USB Charging ports

Three smart USB-A charging ports with max. 30W of charging power.

power everything

Charge Up To 5 Devices Simultaneously

OneWorld PD power and charge up to 5devices simultaneously in over 200+ countries worldwide. Stay powered and charged up no matter what your next destinations are.

What's in the box

Travel pouch



Please visit our World Power Guide for full world compatiblity list as well as recommended products.

The OneWorld PD USB chargers are compatible with both 110V and 220V voltage. However, the AC outlet doesn't convert power voltage, please make your the devices/appliances connected to the AC outlet is compatible with local power voltage.

For more information on country power voltage, please visit our World Power Guide.


All OneAdaptr products comes with 1 years limited warranty.


Shipping time usually takes 7 to 10 days for standard shipping and 4 to 7 days for expedited shipping.


● Input: 100-240V

● Output (USB-C PD): 18W max, 5V3a, 9V3a, 12V1.5a

● Output (Smart USB): 5V2.4a

● Output (AC): 100-240V @ 10A max.

Dimensions & Weight

● Dimensions: W 54.5 x L 69.0 x H 67.0 mm / W 2.15 x L 2.72 x H 2.64 inch

● Weight: 178.2 g / 6.29 oz

Model # & UPC

● Model No.: PA-ONE-PDW

● UPC: 836528007494

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