One World • One Adaptr

OneAdaptr is a science and design company immersed in the business and leisure travel lifestyle. Immerse is not just a word for us. It’s a belief system. We believe that creativity and innovation flows from those things that people find worthy of passionate pursuit. Once you find that zone, it’s hard not to become immersed. Around here, we like to say,

“it’s not rocket science…
it is socket science”.

As frequent travelers ourselves, we address problems all travelers are facing in this fast changing technology era and will only introduce products that deliver a remarkable solution or a notable design enhancement. We speak only to travelers that want the very best; we let others speak to everyone else.
If we can’t take a product outside its current boundary, we don’t bother with it. We let others take those products to the market.
Our socket science continues to be unparalleled and vigorously patented and protected. What we have cannot be emulated and will never run the risk of market obsolescence. Our path is to transcend boundaries of industry practices and typical corporate drivers. Incremental changes to products are simply not our gig.