One Adapter, Over 150 Countries
Switch between US, UK, Australian and European plug with a Twist.
**Full Compatible Country List **
Quad USB Charger
Charge Up To 4 USB Devices At Once With The High Power Quad USB Charger
Designed For MacBook
World’s First Global Charger Designed for MacBook**
** Compatible with Apple MagSafe & new USB C Chargers. Apple Charger is not included.
PC Notebook User? We Have You Covered!
TWIST+ / TWIST World Adapter DUO Universal Outlet Works Perfectly
With PC Notebook, Camera Chargers etc.
Dual USB charger keeps your USB devices powered no matter where you are!

Finding The Perfect TWIST

World Charging Station

World Adapter DUO

World Charging Station

World Adapter DUO

Worldwide Compatible

Designed For MacBook

USB Charging
4 2 4 2

Universal Power Outlet
What People Say...

“This is gadgetry at its very best.”
-- Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times

“Here’s an all-in-one travel adapter for your MacBook Charger.”
-- Richard Lai, Engadget

“It's rare to find one with more than a single USB port, a problem for anyone packing more than one mobile device, and does any hotel room in any country ever have enough wall sockets?”
-- Rick Broida, CNET

“I was able to charge two phones, a GPS and a camera overnight from a single unit. I’ll be keeping the Twist Plus in my travel bag.”
-- Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Full Compatible Country List