The World In 18mm! FLIP WORLD Is In!

The World In 18mm! FLIP WORLD Is In!

 Is In 

The World In 18mm!
The World's Smallest Universal Charger Is Now In Stock!

Introducing FLIP WORLD, the world's thinnest universal chargers. Come in only 18mm thin but give you worldwide compatibility. Fit in notebook sleeves or even jean pocket, free up precious room for more important things on your next commute. 

Designed to work with the existing FLIP Folding UK chargers, simply snap on the FLIP WORLD add-on will ensure you connectivity in over 150 countries.

 see FLIP POWER in action
Available In 3 Models: 
FLIP DUO WORLD - 3.4A Dual USB Charger 
FLIP QUAD WORLD - 5.0A Quad USB Charger
FLIP POWER WORLD - 3.4A Dual USB Charger With 2000mAH Powerbank
FLIP WORLD is now in store and available for immediate purchase, get yours now at:


Feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions at


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