Meet OneWorld

Introducing OneWorld, the world's safest and most powerful travel adapter!

  • Works Worldwide
  • Fully Earthed, 10A universal AC outlet designed for high power consumption appliances like hair dryer Built-in
  • ilt in USB C PD charger, charge MacBooks, Nintendo Switch directly from OneWorld PD without the need of the factory charger
  • Fast-Charge iPhones, iPad Pro
  • 3 Smart USB charging ports for charging of 3 additional devices
  • Charge and power up to 5 devices at the same time, no matter where you are!


Works in over 150 countries

Charge up to 5 devices simultaneously no matter where you are.

OneWorld PD and OneWorld DUO are now in store and available for immediate purchase, get yours now before they are gone!

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OneAdaptr Team
OneAdaptr Team


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