World's Best Travel Charger For MacBooks Now Comes In Black!

TWIST+ World Charging Station attaches to your MacBook charger (compatible with all MagSafe and new USB Type C chargers), add 4 USB charging ports and lets you connect to power outlets in over 150 countries. Now come in black and available in pre-order! Grab yours now as stock are limited.


 see TWIST+ World Charging Station in action
TWIST+ World Charging Station
Charge up to 5 devices simultaneously 
Works in over 150 countries 
Designed for MacBook
Now available for pre-order, get yours now at:

TWIST+ World Charging Station Black

Feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions at


OneAdaptr Team
OneAdaptr Team


1 Response

Matthew Fry
Matthew Fry

March 29, 2017

March 29, 2017

I am trying to get a message through to someone in your organisation who might care to attempt some actual customer service.
I purchased via your website last August, a Twist and a Twist+ ; please refer to order number 2640.
The items have still not been received, in spite of my order status showing as fulfilled.
I have sent FB messages to which I only receive an automated reply.
I have sent tweets – really, for customer service? – with no reply.
I have sent emails, again, with no reply.
The only reasonable response I have received was from your UK distributor, who indicated they would advise the International branch to contact me, which they haven’t.
I am so disappointed that once again a small tech start up uses Kickstarter to launch what appears to be a great product(although I wouldn’t know, never having actually handled one) has all the flashy videos and gushing reviews from tech magazines etc, but at the end of the day, fails miserably when it comes to grass roots customer service.

I shall assume that this message will remain as unseen as my previous ones, however, I hope that someone may just come across this at some stage and perhaps just give a damn about helping a person who has contributed to their pay check

Yours in disgust and anger,

Matt Fry

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