Meet Twist World Adapter DUO

Meet Twist World Adapter DUO

11 October, 2015

Hong Kong, 11 October, 2015 – OneAdaptr™ is pleased to unveil Twist World Adapter DUO, an all-in-one world adapter with built-in USB charger that can be used globally. The powerful Twist World Adapter DUO works globally with its patented Twist & Lock mechanism, simply twist to select one of the four most popular power sockets, allowing you to simultaneously charge your MacBook and iPad or iPhone from one electrical outlet. The OneAdaptr Twist World Adapter DUO comes with power socket compatible for Europe, Australia, China, and North America, the universal outlet is compatible with most common sockets and its build-in Max. 3.4A dual USB charger is compatible with latest electronic. The OneAdaptr Twist World Adapter DUO is available for pre order now at $37.99. More info and images can be found at

The Twist World Adapter DUO ensures worldwide compatibility for travellers everywhere. The Twist World Adapter DUO unique Twist & Lock mechanism allow user to simply twist and select the right power socket no matter where they are. The Twist World Adapter DUO’s universal power outlet allows provide AC power connection for electronic devices like notebook chargers etc… and the built-in Max. 3.4A dual USB charger provides higher power charging for smartphones, tablets. All-in-one piece design and charge up to 3 devices simultaneously in over 150 countries from a single outlet. This powerful accessory is a lifesaver in locations where finding multiple wall outlets can be a challenge, and where charging your devices quickly is mission-critical to your next meeting or presentation.

The Twist World Adapter DUO works as a stand-alone international wall charger, too. Rather than pulling out a notebook to charge your smartphone or tablet, simply use Twist World Adapter. Twist World Adapter DUO can charge your iPad up to four times faster than a notebook and your iPad mini up to twice as fast as its included charger.

The Twist World Adapter DUO powers notebook and tablet or smartphone at the same time, you can purge the number of power cords and international converters you carry.

Whether you're an international traveller or you just want the convenience of the Twist World Adapter DUO in your part of the world, Twist World Adapter DUO is ready to add one handier tool to your travel pack. Twist World Adapter DUO is the perfect solution for powering up your notebook and smartphone or tablet wherever you may roam. Twist World Adapter DUO is available now for $37.99, and soon at The Apple Store and Apple Authorized Resellers worldwide.


OneAdaptr Team

October 2015


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